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Frequently Asked Questions

If your TV antenna is older than 10 years, chances are it was not made to properly receive digital TV. Even if you are receiving the channels, you may be missing out on a much clearer signal and picture. Most homeowners think about changing their antenna system every 10 to 12 years, when the average optimum life of an antenna is less than half that!.
Does your signal drop in quality when other electrical products in your home are in use? That is a key indicator that the cables running throughout the house are old or improperly shielded and should be upgraded. In other cases it might be a phenomenon known as a spurious interference that causes the issue. This is from a magnetic field interrupting the digital signal to your TV. Having the right cable is the best solution to this issue and will dramatically improve the quality and consistency of your reception. For this reason we only use RG-6 Quad shielded cable, the best on the market.
They may not be as obvious as your antenna, old saddle type splitters, and wall plates are often the cause of signal problems. These systems were acceptable for analogue TV, but digital systems are more susceptible to spurious interferences. The best way to solve this is to replace the system with one of our state-of-the-art F-Type splitters and wall plates. They are designed specifically to prevent interferences with the digital TV signal.
Believe it or not, the landscape surrounding your home can be a big contributing factor to poor signal reception. If there are mountains or masses of large trees around your property, don’t stress—just call our skilled technicians. We’ve got the latest diagnostic tools to detect any issues and we’ll find an alternative method of achieving crystal clear digital TV signal.
At Speedy Antenna Services, we pride ourselves on covering absolutely every aspect of TV, data and reception services. Below is our full list of our services available to our Sunshine Coast clients:
  • Antenna upgrades for digital TV
  • Digital antennas for new homes
  • Rewiring of units, houses for digital TV
  • Antenna relocations
  • HD set top boxes
  • Masthead amplifiers (boosters)
  • Extra TV points
  • Phone points
  • Signal testing problem solving
  • Wall mount flat screen TV all sizes
  • Tune TV, VCR, PVR & DVD
  • Surround sound Home theatre
  • MATV/SMATV installations
  • Data cabling
  • CCTV