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Home Theatre

Home Theatre


Thanks to our technicians and their hassle-free services, you can have high definition, reliable digital TV reception in your home again. Equipped with the latest HD set top boxes and signal solutions, we’ll improve your picture quality, functionality and channel coverage. With one phone call to Speedy Antenna Services, you can find out exactly why some of your TV channels drop out, and maybe add some you never had before!

HD Set Top Boxes

We’ll make sure you’re getting the most from your free-to-air programming when our technicians install and tune a high definition set top box for your TV. These boxes are absolutely essential for any digital TV. Not only do they receive your channels, but they can record, store and stream content. As relatively new technology, set top boxes are constantly being reinvented and improved. So even if you have one, upgrading to a newer model might improve coverage and performance. Talk to our friendly team finding the right set top box for your viewing needs.

Signal Testing

We have the diagnostic equipment and knowledge to discover the cause of signal interruption quickly. Instead of replacing your whole system, which is expensive and time-consuming, we’ll install signal amplifiers (boosters) or remove the signal disruptor. Here are a few potential causes of poor signal reception:
  • Improperly shielded cabling
  • Old splitters or wall plates
  • Terrain or trees surrounding your property
  • Misaligned aerials
  • Outdated or damaged antennas
  • Interference from other electronic devices
For more information about factors that can affect your signal,view our FAQs page.